Architecting, Configuring, and Managing your VPCs in AWS Introduction

3m 24s

This lesson introduces the AWS Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) course, designed to help you learn about architecting, configuring, and managing your VPCs. 

During this course, you will cover:

  • How to confidently architect a VPC across multiple availability zones within a Region using different networking components
  • How to secure your VPCs, helping you to protect your resources within them
  • Which method of connectivity to your VPCs would be best in different scenarios
  • Static and dynamic routing in AWS, including BGP's role in routing in AWS
  • The different networking features, including Elastic IP Addresses, Elastic Network Interfaces, and Elastic Network Adapters
  • How to use VPC Endpoints to secure connectivity
  • How the AWS Global Accelerator plays a part in performance
  • The benefits and capabilities and sharing of VPC resources using Resource Access Manager
  • How to create and analyze a connection using the VPC reachability Analyzer
  • IPv4, IPv6, and how to configure them to be supported by Amazon VPCs and EC2 Instances
  • What an AWS Network Firewall is and other VPC security features
  • How to centrally manage all AWS Network Firewalls using AWS Firewall Manager
  • AWS PrivateLink, as well as its typical use cases
  • How to create your own large network topology that uses AWS Transit Gateway to connect multiple VPCs
  • Inter-regional and intra-regional communication patterns



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