IAM Permissions Required for DLM
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In this course, you'll learn about Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager and how to manage EBS snapshots within the AWS console. We're going to talk about the different types of policies you can create, automate, and monitor using Amazon DLM, along with a demo of how to get started.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager
  • Learn how to successfully set up and use Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager within your AWS account to manage new snapshots

Intended Audience

  • Solutions Architects
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Anyone who wants to automate their EBS snapshots with the Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager


To get the most out of this course, you should have prior AWS Console knowledge and have some basic experience with EBS.


IAM permissions required for Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager.

In order to access, enable, and configure Amazon Data Lifecycle policies, you need to have the relevant permissions. Specific permissions are required to access AWS resources such as instances, volumes, snapshots, and IAMs.

To help you manage this access, AWS has two manage policies for DLM. The first one is AWS Data Lifecycle Manager Service Role, which is used for managing Amazon EBS Snapshots and cross-account copy policies. The second one is AWS Data Lifecycle Manager Service Role for AMI management. And it provides the relevant permissions required for DLM to both create and manage EBS-Backed AMI policies.

More information can be found using the following link. Please take a look at the following IAM permissions before implementing them. The first: AWS Data Lifecycle Manager Service Role, and then the second one: AWS Data Lifecycle Manager Service Role for AMI management. This concludes the review of IAM policy and permissions.

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