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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Preparation
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Cost Management and Customer Support
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Course Description

AWS offers several service to help businesses review, manage and optimize their costs, as well as help accounts maximize investments in any reserved services. Watching this course, you’ll learn what different billing and cost management services are available, what they do, and when they can best help you.

In addition, AWS offers a wide variety of services through customer support, far beyond the documentation and support forums that are available online to every AWS customer. This course teach you the different levels of customer support available, what they offer, and who the ideal customers are for each level.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the different cost management services and support plans in AWS
  • Describe the unique features and benefits that each service and support plan provides
  • Summarize each service and support plan’s use case

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Anyone preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Managers, sales professionals and other non-technical roles


Before taking this course, you should have a general understanding of basic cloud computing concepts.


If you have thoughts or suggestions for this course, please contact Cloud Academy at support@cloudacademy.com.

About the Author

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John enjoys the mixture of creativity and learning science in educational publishing, with a focus on building and organizing assessment. Outside of work, he is an audiophile who loves exploring new music, teaching his daughter new songs and attending and performing in live music shows.

- [John] Hello and welcome to this course on AWS Cost Management and Customer Support. This course will introduce the billing and cost management services available and the customer support plans in AWS. My name is John Chell and I'll be your instructor for this course. AWS offers multiple cost management services that can help you migrate to AWS, check recent costs, analyze your long-term spending trends, monitor or limit your spending, or simplify your billing process. There are also several customer support plans to assist you, depending on your level of need. The different plans offer access to online resources, minor technical assistance, assistance maintaining your business's production environments, or troubleshooting business critical production environments.

The intent of this course is to provide a broad overview. We will not go into any great detail. This is merely an introduction. But we are going to cover a lot of ground, so I'll be sure to review the key points as we go. This course is intended for anyone studying for the Certified Practitioner Exam and also designed for anyone who wants to know how to track costs on AWS or anyone considering a subscription to a customer support plan.

There are no requirements to prepare for this course, but a general understanding of cloud computing and AWS is recommended. If you are entirely new to cloud computing, I recommend you first watch our course titled, "What is Cloud Computing?" This course is designed to teach you the following. First, you should be able to identify the different cost management services and support plans in AWS. Second, you should be able to describe the unique features and benefits that each service and support plan provides. And finally, you should be able to summarize each service and support plan's use case.

I also want to welcome you to provide any feedback about this course, either positive or negative, to us here at Cloud Academy. Please feel free to send your thoughts to support@cloudacademy.com. That concludes my introduction to this course. If you're ready to proceed, let's begin the first lecture on AWS Cost Management Services.