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AWS offers several services to help businesses review, manage and optimize their costs, as well as help accounts maximize investments in any reserved services. Watching this course, you’ll learn about the various billing and cost management services available, what they do, and when they can best help you.

In addition, AWS offers a wide variety of services through customer support, far beyond the documentation and support forums that are available online to every AWS customer. This course teaches you the different levels of customer support available, what they offer, and who the ideal customers are for each level.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

  • Anyone preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Managers, sales professionals and other non-technical roles


Before taking this course, you should have a general understanding of basic cloud computing concepts.


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- [John Chell] Hello, and welcome to this lecture where we will summarize what we've covered in this course. First, we introduced the different cost management services in AWS. Let's review them very quickly one at a time and summarize the central use case for each one.


First, the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator helps you compare costs for AWS with on-premise data centers. This is useful for anyone considering building AWS natives system or migrating to AWS. Second, the Billing Dashboard. The Billing Dashboard provides a visual summary of your previous month's costs as well as the costs for the current month-to-date. Anyone who wants to quickly review recent account costs should use the Billing Dashboard. Third, Cost Explorer. Cost Explorer provides a wide variety of graphs of your cost and usage data. You can review data for the past year and forecast data for the next three months. It also helps you review the cost effectiveness of your current EC2 instances. And the potential savings with reserved instances. If you want to identify trends and patterns related to you account expenses and usage use Cost Explorer. Cost and usage reports can then be used to investigate these trends further.

Fourth, AWS Budgets.AWS Budgets allows you to plan ahead and establish limit for specific services as well as configure alerts. If you have a limited budget and need to monitor costs use AWS Budgets. Fifth, Consolidated Billing. Consolidated Billing is ideal for companies with multiple AWS accounts who want to simplify their billing process and potentially save money on heavily utilized services.

Next, we discussed the different customer support plans and the services they each offer. Let's review them quickly, here. All four support plans offer online resources such as AWS documentation, whitepapers and support forums. They all offer access to trusted advisor checks. Although the number of checks varies by plan. They all provide access to the Personal Health Dashboard but the use of the Health APi varies by plan.

Development, business and enterprise plans all receive the following: Technical support, but it's availability, methods of contact and the level of AWS technician vary by plan. The ability to open technical support cases but access to the support APi, the levels of case severity and the response times to cases vary by plan. Developer, business and enterprise plans each receive architectural support but the level of specificity to your applications varies by plan. Launch support is offered for business plans for an additional fee and is included with enterprise accounts at no additional cost. Third party software support is included for both business and enterprise plans.

Finally, enterprise level plans have sole access to the following: Architectural reviews and operation support, dedicated AWS support concierge and technical support managers. And, finally, access to AWS online labs. That summarizes the customer support plans offered by AWS. After watching this course you should now be able to: Identify the different cost management services and support plans in AWS, describe their unique features and benefits, and summarize each services use case and identify each support plan's ideal subscriber.

We welcome you to provide any feedback about this course, either positive or negative to us here at Cloud Academy. And please feel free to send your thoughts to: This concludes our course. Thank you for watching and best of luck on the exam.

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