AWS FinOps Management Introduction

This brief course introduces the AWS FinOps Management learning path, giving you a quick overview of what to expect and what you will learn, including:

  • How to get started with cost optimization
  • How AWS Billing works
  • Real-life best practice cost management
  • Cost reporting and monitoring
  • How FinOps methods can help you to implement a new operating model for the cloud
  • Cost Optimization Designs and Patterns to optimize your workloads and infrastructure

Welcome to the AWS Cost Management Course Series!

We’ll discover how you can optimize your AWS Workloads and Environments and take a deep dive into Cost Optimization in AWS.

Cost Optimization is a challenge for everyone. With this course, we want to create the link necessary to bring Finance, Business, and IT to a level where an exchange is possible. In the past, these roles were separated, and each department could work on its own. With the introduction of the cloud, however, this has changed.

Whereas in the past, the data center purchasing department would order new servers every three years; today, any developer can deploy new resources and occur costs with just one click

This course incorporates our many years of experience from cost optimization projects and provides a complete overview of cloud billing and related areas.

We decided to summarize what we have learned in the years of our profession so far and put it together in a compact course, for us to strengthen our knowledge and for you to benefit from it!

In the whole series of videos that we created for you, you will learn how to get started with cost optimization, how AWS Billing works, real-life best practice Cost Management, cost reporting and monitoring, how FinOps methods can help you to implement a new operating model for the cloud, and Cost Optimization Designs and Patterns to optimize your workloads and infrastructure.

Follow along with us through this course and become an AWS Cost Optimization professional.


About the Author

Oliver Gehrmann is a FinOps Consultant and CEO of kreuzwerker Frankfurt, a German consulting firm with a strong focus on AWS, software engineering, and cloud financial management. He's worked in IT for over 10 years, facilitating the migration from physical servers in data centers to modern cloud infrastructures.
He and his team have experienced first-hand that costs in the cloud are becoming more and more of a challenge when about 2.5 years ago more and more customers approached them with this topic. Costs ran out of control and could not be addressed to business values.
Since that time, we have worked extensively on the topic of cloud financial management and have already been able to save our customers many millions of dollars. He now shares this knowledge in order to help others.