Azure PowerShell and CLI Overview


Key Concepts and Syntax
Introduction to Azure Cloud Shell

This course defines the key concepts of  Azure Cloud Shell and illustrates the basic syntax of PowerShell and Bash.


- [Presenter] Hello, welcome to the course where I'll be introducing you to the Azure Cloud Shell environment which is important if you want to be able to leverage the power of its two command line interfaces, Azure CLI and PowerShell. This course will show you how the Cloud Shell environment is provisioned, its requirements and dependencies. This course is designed to give you an overview of the Cloud Shell environment, the main ways of interacting with it and the main differences between the CLI and PowerShell syntax including a brief overview of using the inbuilt Monaco code editor. It's not designed to teach you either the Azure CLI or power show languages or how to create scripts or applications, there's plenty of documentation and demonstrations on these subjects within other Cloud Academy courses. Azure Cloud show is an interactive authenticated browser accessible command line shell that can be used for managing Azure resources. It provides the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work either with the Azure command line interface, commonly refer to a CLI or the Powershell interface. It also has an inbuilt editor where you can create or run scripts or templates or even create and test web applications prior to deployment. There are other ways available to connect to and use Cloud Shell like Azure mobile app, Visual Studio Code and Windows Terminal. However they require additional setup or installation and for simplicity, they'll not be covered in this course. So let's look at what we are going to cover. The course will be split into two lessons. Lesson one is going to cover key concepts. In this lesson, I'll explain how the Cloud Shell environment is provisioned and also its requirements and dependencies. This will be followed by demonstration of using Cloud Shell for the first time and how to configure it for first use. Lesson two, learning the basic CLI and PowerShell syntax for Azure Cloud. In this demonstration lesson, we will cover how the command structure and syntax works when using Azure CLI and PowerShell with Azure resources. And you can see how to use the help system to learn the command structure. They'll also be an overview of using the built in code editor. I hope you find this course useful as an introduction to the Cloud Shell environment so if you're ready to learn, why not go straight to the first lesson, Key Concepts. I look forward to seeing you there.

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