Getting Started Managing Azure with PowerShell


Using PowerShell automation with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform gives you more consistent, repeatable, and auditable controls over your cloud resources. During this course, we will explore the process of connecting Microsoft Windows PowerShell to the Microsoft Azure platform. We'll talk about the installation and authentication process, managing your Azure subscriptions, and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Resource Groups. We will deploy an ARM JSON Template to a Resource Group, and finally demonstrate how easy it is to deploy cloud resources individually, through imperative provisioning!

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Microsoft PowerShell MVP

Trevor Sullivan is a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell, and enjoys working with cloud and automation technologies. As a strong, vocal veteran of the Microsoft-centric IT field since 2004, Trevor has developed open source projects, provided significant amounts of product feedback, authored a large variety of training resources, and presented at IT functions including worldwide user groups and conferences.

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