Course Overview
Course Overview

Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are a very foundational and fundamental resource in Cloud Computing. Deploying virtual machines gives you more flexibility and control over your cloud infrastructure and services, however, it also means you have more responsibility to maintain and configure these resources. This course gives you an overview of why use virtual machines as well as how to create, configure, and monitor VMs in Azure Resource Manager.


This course is designed to help prepare you for the Microsoft 70-533 Exam: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions. This exam is open to everyone, however, unlike the 70-532 which focuses on Azure Developers and the 70-534 which focuses on Architects and Solution Sellers, the 70-533 lands squarely in the middle with a little bit of development and a little bit of architecture together with an obvious deep-dive into Azure Infrastructure itself. This exam is aimed at the evolved IT Pro also referred to as DevOps in this Cloud world.

This course is not meant to cover in-depth 100% all training needed for the exam, but rather focuses on key points that are meant to fill in the learning gaps for those who already have a base foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure. This is an intermediate course that can be used as a final study guide having already prepared for the certification and provides information based on experience taking the exam.

This course has the five Learning Objectives which are as follows:
Learning Objectives
Understand the 70-533 Exam objectives and the target audience of the exam
Know where the 70-533 Exam fits in the landscape of Microsoft Azure Certifications
Touch on each major exam objective as outlined by the Microsoft Certification site
Have a reference of relevant PowerShell and Azure CLI commands
Gain Tips and Tricks for taking the exam and general exam preparation

About the Author
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Chris has over 15 years of experience working with top IT Enterprise businesses.  Having worked at Google helping to launch Gmail, YouTube, Maps and more and most recently at Microsoft working directly with Microsoft Azure for both Commercial and Public Sectors, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in architecting complex solutions and advanced troubleshooting techniques.  He holds several Microsoft Certifications including Azure Certifications.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys movies, gaming, outdoor activities, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.