Wrap Up

Learn how to build cool dashboards that let you know at a glance when something is desperately on fire within your AWS architecture. This course is geared towards helping you understand the value of building your own dashboards within CloudWatch, to give you unparalleled visibility into your architecture and dedicated systems.

If you have any feedback relating to this course, please contact us at support@cloudacademy.com.

Learning Objectives

  • Create your own CloudWatch dashboard to monitor the items that are important to you
  • Understand how CloudWatch dashboards can be shared across accounts
  • Understand the cost structure of CloudWatch dashboards and the limitations of the service

Intended Audience

This lecture is perfect for someone who is looking to gain insight into how their infrastructure is performing through the use of easy to understand graphics, metrics, and tables.


To get the most out of this course, you should have a basic understanding of AWS. It would also be beneficial to have moderate experience using Amazon CloudWatch.


One of the biggest troubles when working with cloud architectures is understanding what's going on behind the scenes. The technology is no longer built with physical devices that you can get your hands on so pulling information out of the system is paramount to success. 

CloudWatch dashboards gives you visibility into what your resources are doing. being able to effectively use CloudWatch dashboards will give you such incredible insight into your architectures that not doing so might even be considered detrimental. 

And it's almost inexcusable not to at least give it a try, the creation system with the visual Wizard allows you to drag and drop these widget elements into a live dashboard. Allowing you to mix and match and change the sizes of anything that you desire. And once you understand what's important to you and your architectures you can make repeatable code that you can inject right into your cloud formation templates to automatically create these highly visual and extremely potent dashboards for every system you set up.

And heck if you don't even want to get your hands dirty, CloudWatch automatically sets up dashboards for you that can help you track some of the high-level systems within your services. You can go in and modify these automatically created dashboards to make them your own if you're not comfortable starting from scratch.

I guess the big thing I really want you to take away from this is that CloudWatch dashboards are so easy to use. That I want you to just go give it a try, and you might be surprised what kind of insights you'll gain by having all your information at the tips of your fingers. 

Well, that brings us to the end of this course. My name is Will Meadows and I'd like to thank you for spending your time here learning about CloudWatch Dashboards.  If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please contact us at support@cloudacademy.com, your feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!


About the Author

William Meadows is a passionately curious human currently living in the Bay Area in California. His career has included working with lasers, teaching teenagers how to code, and creating classes about cloud technology that are taught all over the world. His dedication to completing goals and helping others is what brings meaning to his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading Reddit, playing video games, and writing books.