Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Resources

Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Resources continues to refine the user interface XAML we developed in Building a Xamarin Forms UI - Layout Containers course. In this course, we introduce resources as a means of streamlining the customizations and formatting of the UI elements. Resources enable the developer to centrally locate controls' formatting and then easily apply the "look and feel" to multiple controls.

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Hi, and welcome to this Building a Xamarin Forms UI: Resources course. This course extends what we learned in the Building a Xamarin Forms UI: Layout Containers course by introducing XAML Resources as a means to roll-up UI customizations and formatting into a short-hand format. Controls and UI elements customized via resources can be easily modified as the formatting is defined in one place.

This is a XAML only course where we extend the app we started developing in the Building a Xamarin Forms UI: Layout Containers course. We will be working with elements added in the navigation course, so ideally, you should have also have completed that course. To follow along, you'll need to have set up your Visual Studio development environment. We will be using the emulators, either Android or iOS, to view the user interface via the Visual Studio hot reload feature. The source code I'll be modifying is available at

My name is Hallam Webber, and I'll be your instructor for this course. When I created this course, all information was current. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, or if you notice anything that needs to be updated or corrected, please reach out to us at

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