Autoscale Limits - what are they and how do I change them if I need to?
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This course is made up of short "Byte sized" white board lessons showing you how to use some of the latest AWS services.
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What is an SQS First In First Out Queue and when should I use it?
Bastion hosts and NAT Gateway - What is the difference?
Amazon SQS versus Amazon SNS - What is the Difference?
Autoscale Limits - what are they and how do I change them if I need to?
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- Hi Cloud Academy ninjas. Let's talk about autoscaling. Okay, now I get a lot of questions out in the field about, "Why did my autoscaling group suddenly stop?" So let's think this through, okay. Generally people reach a number, around 20, and they find that autoscaling will just pause. And I have enterprise customers who have gone from having two or three instances, which they've been running and enjoying, and then they go live and they're expecting to have 30 or 40 instances running to deal with the burst activity they have, and generally they get to 20 and then it pauses. So let's think through why that might be. Is it that autoscaling has a limit of 20 and then if you get above that it just pauses? How about it's to do with desired capacity number? If I've set a desired capacity number of 25 or 20, does that mean that autoscaling will stop when it gets to that number? Or is it perhaps due to a regional constraint, alright? Now this is one of the common questions I get asked a lot in the field, is that. Yeah, it's to do with a regional constraint, because by default, accounts have a limit of 20 EC2 instances they can start per day. So if your autoscale group sets itself beyond that 20 EC2 instance per day limit, then it's going to get to that ceiling and stop. Now it's easy to fix this problem. All you have to do is contact AWS support and let them know that your customer is going to need more than 20 instances. And then no problem, you can go up to 100, 150, whatever. Let them know that your customer's going to exceed that 20-a-day limit so that you know your customer's going to have a good experience from their Okay, see you next time.

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