Creating System Info Microservices
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In this course, we will learn the concepts of microservice and spring framework with a focus on Cloud.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Cloud

Intended Audience

  • Beginner Java developers
  • Java developers interested in learning how to Build and Deploy RESTful Web Services
  • Java Developers who want to develop web applications using the Spring framework
  • Java Developers who want to develop web applications with microservices
  • Java Developers who wish to develop Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud


  • Basic Java knowledge

Create System Info Microservice. Hello, dear friends. In this video, we will create a system info microservice. It will provide some rest services and give information about the operating system of the service. Actually, it starts with a simple class and two functions in the class. We'll add some roles and properties in the following videos. First, let's open a webpage and go to the Open Liberty starter page. Here, write into the group field and system-info into the artifact field. The Build Tool is Maven, Java SE Version is 11, Java EE Version is 9.1, MicroProfile Version is 5.0. Click 'Generate Project'. The project file was downloaded. Open the containing folder, extract the file. Now, open Eclipse and import the project. Okay, imported. Expand to main package. Right-click on it, create a new class named system resource.

We will write two functions; one for getting the current username and the other is for getting the operating system name. I have written the required functions and given them appropriate path values. Normally, when you create a base project using Open Liberty starter, it appends the API word into the context root. I am removing it and the context root one. Let's run this simple service. Now, let's perform some curl operations. We could get the username and operating system values. In the next video, we will make our user info microservice project. So, I'll see you soon my dear friends.


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