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In this course, we will learn the concepts of microservice and spring framework with a focus on Cloud.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about Cloud

Intended Audience

  • Beginner Java developers
  • Java developers interested in learning how to Build and Deploy RESTful Web Services
  • Java Developers who want to develop web applications using the Spring framework
  • Java Developers who want to develop web applications with microservices
  • Java Developers who wish to develop Spring Boot Microservices with Spring Cloud


  • Basic Java knowledge

Security. Hello dear friends. In this video, we will do security implementation of our microservice environment. First, we start with the system info application. We will add a configuration file named microprofile config properties. It will include some specifications about JWT elements such as algorithm, token type etc. I added the configurations. Now we will specify which user can reach which method in the system resource class. I will insert the claim annotation just below the list of roles. It will provide us roles info. The getUser name function can be called by both the regular user and the admin. So, I add both roles as allowed. Only admin users will have access to the getOS function. Get roles must be reached by both admin and the user. We will complete the adjustment and system info service. Let's make some adjustment to the user info application. Open server.xml. We need to add user, group, and mapping info. First, let's insert users and groups under the basic registry tag.

All right, now let's place application mapping under the application tag. It will specify the admin and usual user groups. Lastly, let's make some tweaks to the web.xml file for JSF pages. I'm adding some secret phrases. I'm adding security rows. I am adding security constraints. All right, completed. Now our entire application is ready to run. Let's start the user info project first. All right, started. Now start system info. Both started. Open the login page, enter your regular username and password. As you see, operating system knowledge couldn't be retrieved. Login as the admin user. This time the system info could be retrieved. Okay, dear friends. We have completed the security adjustments. In the next video, we will make some logging adjustments. So, I'll see you in the next video.


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