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This course explores Microsoft Defender Application Control. We'll look at the fundamentals of the service and then cover some of the key security and privacy caveats when using Application Control. You'll follow along with a real-life demonstration of how to create and deploy a Defender Application Control policy.

Learning Objectives

  • Get an introductory understanding of Microsoft Defender Application Control
  • Understand some key security and privacy caveats for using Application Control
  • Learn how to create and deploy a Defender Application Control policy

Intended Audience

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to learn about Microsoft Defender Application Control.


To get the most out of this course, you should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Defender.


Hello, and welcome back. So in the previous demonstration, we walked through the process of creating a new Windows Defender Application Control Policy. What we're gonna do here is very quickly run through the process of deploying that Application Control Policy. Now, on the screen here, we are right where we left off with the new policy called MyPolicy created. What we can do here to deploy it, is simply select it, and then, click the Deploy Application Control Policy arrow up here.

Now, when we do this, we have to tell the policy what collection we are going to apply to, so we'll go ahead and browse for a collection. And we have some default collections here in my lab environment, All Desktops and Server Clients, All Mobile Devices, All Provisioning Devices, All Systems, and All Unknown Computers. What we'll do here is deploy this to All Systems, and we'll OK it, and then what we can do is check this box to Allow remediation outside of our maintenance window. But for this exercise here, we'll leave it on uncheck. And then what we need to do is specify the compliance evaluation schedule for the policy. The default here is a simple schedule that runs every seven days. So we'll accept that default for this demonstration, and OK it. And there you have it. The policy is now deployed and that's how you deploy the Application Control Policy that you've created.

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