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Changing External Sharing Settings Demo

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SharePoint is a useful tool that provides a wide range of settings to manage files and ensure they are kept secure. This course will take you through how to manage and configure those settings and ultimately give you the knowledge to create SharePoint sites, manage their access down to a user level, and allow for external guest access.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plan external sharing settings in SharePoint
  • Learn how to manage access configurations
  • Understand how SharePoint tenant and site settings can be managed effectively

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to implement SharePoint in their operations.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



Here we are in the SharePoint Admin Center.

Let's first talk about how to actually change the organizational level of external sharing settings and then showcase how to change sites' individual external sharing settings.

To adjust the organization-level sharing settings we simply go to the policies tab dropdown menu and chose sharing.

This will bring us to the sharing options for all organizations and you can see the first thing is external sharing.

As you can see both SharePoint and OneDrive have different options that you can adjust within your organization but they all have the same options that I mentioned in the last lecture.

Anyone allowing the files to be shared with anyone using links that do not require a sign in 

New and existing users which allows guests to sign in provided they verify their identity.

Existing guests which allows guests that are already in your organization's directory to be shared files.

And only people in an organization which effectively turns off external sharing.

Now I can adjust these as I take fit for both SharePoint and OneDrive but you'll notice as I move SharePoint OneDrive also moves in tandem.

Similar to the relationship of the organization level versus the site level external sharing permissions SharePoint and OneDrive work similarly where whatever office I have SharePoint set OneDrive cannot be less restricted however one drive can be more restrictive than SharePoint as depicted here in the current setup.

If I wanted to adjust with more sharing options, I can actually navigate down here to the more external sharing settings and have a couple of different options here that I can turn on or off with a simple checkbox such as external sharing by domain, allowing users in specific security groups to share externally, allowing guests to share items they don't own, and a couple of other options you can choose as well as automatic expiration after so many days.

I can also adjust the file and folder links options and the default options for sharing links to me either view or editable.

Once I want to save all of these options simply come on down to the save click here and all the organizational level external sharing settings have been saved.

Now in order to navigate to the site-level sharing options rather than going to policies I simply navigate to sites and go to my active sites directory.

From here I can see that I have a communication site a demo site which is also the template of communication site.

And a test group which is a Team Site.

So I wanted to adjust the test group here I can click on this and actually go over here two policies.

You'll notice external sharing has an option here where I can see this site can be shared with new and existing guests.

This is depicting the organization-level setting that I have just applied but if I wanted to adjust it further I can actually click on the edit button here and then simply choose the option.

You'll notice since I chose new existing guests for the organization level that the anyone option is greyed out simply because the site cannot be less restrictive than the organizational external sharing options.

However, if I wanted to be more restrictive like I was with my OneDrive sharing I could choose exiting guests or only people in the organization.

For now, we'll leave it as new and existing yes because I want to be a little bit less restrictive and that I can choose some of these other options such as limiting by domain, set the same organizational level settings or change the expiration date and such like that if I wanted to.


Once I've sent all of these options up and I'm good to go, I can then hit save, however, since I haven't made any changes it's not going to let me save so let me just quickly make a change and then hit the save button the site will be updated and it will showcase right here indicating that the site has now been properly updated with the proper external permissions indicating this site can now be shared with existing guests only and I'm good to go.

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