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Customizing Site Permissions Demo

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SharePoint is a useful tool that provides a wide range of settings to manage files and ensure they are kept secure. This course will take you through how to manage and configure those settings and ultimately give you the knowledge to create SharePoint sites, manage their access down to a user level, and allow for external guest access.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to plan external sharing settings in SharePoint
  • Learn how to manage access configurations
  • Understand how SharePoint tenant and site settings can be managed effectively

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to implement SharePoint in their operations.


There are no prerequisites for this course.



If we wanted to customize settings for a specific site we can actually do so from the SharePoint site rather than having to be in the SharePoint admin center.

So what we're going to do is navigate to the sites option here chose our active site and then navigate to the actual site that we want to adjust.

For now, we'll go ahead and change the communication demo site that we have.

From here, if we want to adjust the site permissions we can navigate to the settings options in the top right-hand corner and click on the cog wheel.

Make sure that if you want to adjust settings you're clicking this cog wheel and not this edit button.

This edit button is specific to this page where this cogwheel settings option is specific to the entire SharePoint site. 

Clicking on this will open up the larger list of settings we have to adjust the SharePoint site with.

We can add a page add an app, but for now we want to adjust our site permissions.

Here we can see all of the permissions within the site being owners site members and site visitors and the options they have for manipulating the site.

If I wanted to add a new member to this site I can simply click on the share site settings button here and type in the name of the person I would like to add.

As long as they're in their directory or my companies directory it will pop automatically I can then click on them choose the permissions that I want them to have add a little customized message and then hit add down here and that user will now be added into the site members as we can see right here.

If I wanted to remove or change permissions I can do the same thing and it just drop down arrow chose to adjust their permissions or remove them entirely.

Now you may have noticed when I went to share the site it says like add users or Microsoft 365 groups or security groups to give them access.

If I want to add a group I can simply type the name of the group here and it would give them access to this site meaning anyone in this group will have access to the site.

However, if I wanted to make a completely new group for this I could actually navigate to the advanced permission settings here and it will open up all the permission settings for the site itself.

As we can see, we currently have the blank group that already has right permissions on this site but let's make another one.

In order to do that we can simply navigate to the create group button here at the top left and then fill out all these options for the group.

So we'll just call this the Lemuccia group and will add some about me. 

You know Lemuccia and then I have a bunch of different options that I can adjust for this group and group owners that can choose how the membership is viewed from the group I can see who can edit the membership of the group I can also decide how I want requests to be handled whether they've got to accept it or if we even want to allow requests.

But the most important thing here is the permissions that the group has.

As we can see we have the full control design things we talked about in our earlier lecture.

Since this is Lemuccia group who is the group owner I want to give this design access and once I had chosen that I can hit create and the Lemuccia group with design access has now been created.

However, there is only one member here but that's not too big a deal because the group is still there.


I can go right back into groups see all of the groups and say Lemuccia was added A OK.

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