A Conversation about AWS Glue

9m 16s

In this brief lesson, our AWS experts Will Meadows and Stuart Scott take a moment to talk about a few special considerations for AWS Glue that are helpful for those thinking about taking the AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty certification exam.

Learning Objectives

After watching this lesson you will know the pricing structure of AWS Glue and what DPUs are. You will learn how bookmarks work and what their role is within AWS glue.


Basic knowledge about AWS glue and database analytics / big data workloads.

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William Meadows is a passionately curious human currently living in the Bay Area in California. His career has included working with lasers, teaching teenagers how to code, and creating classes about cloud technology that are taught all over the world. His dedication to completing goals and helping others is what brings meaning to his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading Reddit, playing video games, and writing books.

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