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There's an element of IT in everything because in truth, it used to stand for, ITIL in itself used to stand for the IT Infrastructure Library. But it's expanded now, because every time we talk about the delivery of services on whatever service you're getting delivered to you as the consumer, has an element of IT within it. You could be buying something from a shop or whatever it happens to be, but then the till, the card payments, the payments themselves, are all using IT. So whilst it's not around IT full-stop, it's around the services actually being delivered. The IT is an important contributor to that service delivery.


- Think about, you know, in all our consumer worlds, we interact with organizations everyday. For example, you know, you go and travel on a train service and the enablement of your whole journey is obviously gonna have elements that's gonna reflect to IT and systems and services. From booking the ticket, so it's actually, you know, when you pitch up at the train station, and receive your information about your bookings, your reservations, through to actually use of the on-board entertainment facilities, there's IT enablement everywhere, isn't there? And even, when you're not immediately thinking that you're interacting with IT, it's the transportation services that you're consuming.


- Absolutely. So ITIL is about IT, but it's not just about IT services. It's about the whole service delivery.

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