Creating Different Types of Reports
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This course explores the various types of reports available in Oracle APEX and shows you how to create and view them.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different types of reports in Oracle APEX
  • Learn the different ways to create reports
  • Learn about interactive reports, classic reports, and cards

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of Oracle APEX


We recommend that you take this course as part of our Oracle APEX: Foundations learning path.


Welcome to the Oracle APEX Foundations course. Today, in this lesson on developing reports, I will be talking about Faceted Search and Smart Filters. Lets get started. In this lesson, you'll learn about one of the most useful features of APEX, Faceted Search and Smart Filters. Faceted search is seen often on the Internet, typically on shopping or sales websites. The screen shows an example of a faceted search page built on the projects table. A faceted search page features a faceted search region and a report. The search region appears on the left side of the page and enables users to narrow down the search result by searching the facet values. Narrowing the search results make it easier for users to find the data they want. The right side of the page features a search results region that can appear as a classic report or a card's report. Notice that, after the end user changes a facet, the results, the dependent facets and the occurrence count refresh immediately. The screen shows a Smart Filters page built on the OEHR Employees table. Note that the filter suggestion chips that appear beneath the search field.

A Smart Filters page features a single search field with filters at the top of the page and a report at the bottom. You can create a Smart Filters page either the Create Application Wizard  or the Create Page Wizard, or you can add a Smart Filters region to an existing report in the Page Designer. While a Smart Filters page behaves similarly to a faceted search, it features a more space efficient layout. Each filter appears as a suggestion chip with a single count of how often the specific suggestion value occurs. Now let us see how to create a Smart Filters page. On the workspace homepage, click the 'App Builder' icon, select the 'Application.' I am already in the application homepage. Click 'Create Page'. Under Component, select 'Smart Filters'. For Page Definition, enter the Page Number and a Page Name. Select a 'Data Source' for the page. You can create a Smart Filters page for a Local Database, REST Enabled SQL Services, and REST Data Source. Here the steps that follow differ depending on the selected data source.

In this example, we accept the default Data Source which is the Local Database. For Source Type, specify the source of the new page. Table. Under Table, a Table or View Owner, select the owner of the table on which you are building the Smart Filters page. Table or View Name, select the Table or View on which the page will be based. Or if you select SQL Query, you enter a SQL SELECT statement or a Query. In this example, for Table or View Name, select 'OEHR_EMPLOYEES,' expand Navigation, select your 'Navigation' preference and click 'Next.' In this example, we accept the default for Breadcrumb, that is the flag is set to on.

For Navigation, set the flag to off, and then click 'Next.' For Display as, select either 'Report' or 'Cards'. In the example, we accept the default Report. In the Create Smart Filters dialog, select the filters you want to include in your report, and then click 'Create Page.' In this video, you learnt about Faceted Search and Smart Filters in Oracle APEX. I hope you learned something useful. Thank you for watching.

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