Data Modeling Before Table Creation Is Essential
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This course provides detail on the AWS Database services relevant to the AWS Certified Developer - Associate exam. This includes Amazon RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, MemoryDB for Redis, and ElastiCache.

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Learning Objectives

  • Obtain a solid understanding of the following Amazon database services: Amazon RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, MemoryDB for Redis, and ElastiCache
  • Create an Amazon RDS database
  • Create a DynamoDB database
  • Create an ElastiCache cluster

The simplest way to create a DynamoDB table is using the AWS Console. However, before creating a table in DynamoDB, it is important to consider the dataset and the access patterns that we desire to implement as we have done in the last few slides. This is going to have a direct impact on the structure and the type of queries that the table will support. A very important tool to consider when performing data modeling and creating DynamoDB tables is the AWS NoSQL Workbench. 

This is a free tool available to help you build new data models, define tables and indices, as well as import and export models. Using the NoSQL Workbench, you can set up a local downloadable version of DynamoDB and build data models as well as visualize your data and access patterns. You can also explore datasets and build operations. The sample data models that are included are also a great reference for you to get started with your own models. Be sure to download it and explore its capabilities. The download URL is shown on the screen.


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