Domain Five -Defining Operationally Excellent Architectures- Introduction

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Domain Five -Defining Operationally Excellent Architectures-  Introduction 

Defining Operationally Excellent Architectures comprises 6% of the exam criteria and requires we understand how to choose design features in solutions to enable operational excellence.

In this module, we will apply the skills we have learned thus far to select and combine AWS services together to create a highly available web site.
First, we will create a strawman design based on the requirements we are given. Then we will implement the solution design in the AWS console setting up the services we have selected.  
Then we will review our solution architecture looking for possible improvements and optimizations, aiming to create the most operationally excellent architecture possible.

We then learn to recognize and explain some of the AWS deployment services available in two labs - first, we will deploy a highly available solution on WordPress using AWS CloudFormation.  

Then we will run a controlled deployment using AWs Elastic Beanstalk. 

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