Singleton Design Pattern
Singleton Design Pattern
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In this course, we will learn the concepts of microservice and spring framework with a focus on design patterns.

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  • Basic Java knowledge

Hello, dear friends. In this video, we will examine the Singleton Design Pattern. So, let's begin. Singleton Design Pattern is in the category of creational design pattern. The purpose of this design pattern is to create only one instance of a class. In other words, when an instance is wanted to be created from any class, if there is no instance created before, a new one is created. If it has been created before, the existing instance is used. you can see the UML diagram of the singleton design pattern. According to the schema, to create the singleton class, we need to have a static member of class, private constructor, and static factory method. If you want, let's create a project with singleton. First, create a new project and name it Singleton. We will implement singleton to a database connection project.

Add a new class and name it Database. As I said, first we need a private constructor. Now, it's time to create a static method called getInstance. If we already have an instance, we don't need to create a new one. So, we have to check if it is null or not. Is null?  Create an instance. Return. Let's add 'Create a connection method.' System out. Let's send a message, Connection is successful. Let's call this in main. Database, database. Call database, get Instance. Now, get connection. Done. If we run the project, we can see the connection is successful message. Run. Great. So, I hope you understand singleton a little better now. In the next video, we will look into the Abstract Factory Pattern. So, I'll see you in the next video, friends.


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