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Google Cloud Platform for Solution Architects
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Mapping Needs to GCP Services
Compute6m 45s
Storage7m 51s
Networks7m 27s
Disaster Recovery
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Duration1h 1m


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) lets organizations take advantage of the powerful network and technologies that Google uses to deliver its own products. Global companies like Coca-Cola and cutting-edge technology stars like Spotify are already running sophisticated applications on GCP. This course will help you design an enterprise-class Google Cloud infrastructure for your own organization.

When you architect an infrastructure for mission-critical applications, not only do you need to choose the appropriate compute, storage, and networking components, but you also need to design for security, high availability, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery. This course uses a case study to demonstrate how to apply these design principles to meet real-world requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Map compute, storage, and network needs to Google Cloud Platform services
  • Create designs for high availability and disaster recovery
  • Use appropriate authentication, roles, service accounts, and data protection
  • Create a design to comply with regulatory requirements



I hope you enjoyed learning how to design a Google Cloud infrastructure. Now you know how to map compute, storage, and network requirements into Google Cloud, and secure your infrastructure with authentication, roles, service accounts, ACLs, and encryption. You also know some of the ways to design high availability, disaster recovery, and PCIDSS compliance into your solution.

To learn more about Google Cloud platform, you can read Google's online documentation. You can also try one of the other Google courses on Cloud Academy, and watch for new ones, because we're always developing new courses.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know on the Cloud Academy community forums. Thanks and keep on learning.

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