Designing and Implementing a Release Pipeline on Azure

1m 14s

This lesson explores how to implement a release using Azure. It begins with an overview of what defines a release. It then looks at the process of the CI/CD pipeline leading up to a release. You'll move on to learn about using GitActions and Azure Pipelines to perform actions and implement controls within the release process. Finally, you'll be guided in creating a staged release process to final deployment.

This lesson contains several guided demonstrations from inside the Azure portal to give you real-world exposure to the concepts covered throughout the course.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes a release in software development

  • Explore the functionalities and best practices of GitHub and Azure Pipelines in facilitating the release process

  • Implement essential controls within your continuous delivery pipeline using Azure Pipelines as a guiding example

  • Learn to orchestrate a staged release process, integrating various elements seamlessly toward the final deployment

Intended Audience

  • Developers, engineers, or anyone interested in the DevOps process


  • To get the most out of this lesson, a basic understanding of the software development lifecycle and what's involved in deploying software to a production environment would be helpful.

  • If you want to follow along with the guided demonstrations, you need an Azure DevOps account.

About the Author

Paul has been both a consultant and trainer since 1999. He has led design and implementation projects across the government, education, finance sectors as well as a large number of SMEs. This has been to implement new solutions, troubleshoot & improve failing systems or provide complete a technical refresh. 

He has been certified as an authorised instructor for GCP, Microsoft and AWS as well as in Agile and a Certified Scum master.

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