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This course covers the core learning objective to meet the requirements of the 'Designing Network and Data Transfer solutions in AWS - Level 3' skill

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluate advanced techniques to detect for failure and service recoverability
  • Create an automated, cost-effective back-up solution that supports business continuity across multiple AWS Regions
  • Evaluate different architectures to provide application and infrastructure availability in the event of an AWS service disruption

Here we are in the dashboard for AWS backup. And of course, we don't have any activity just yet. Let's go to our backup plan. As we mentioned to our backup plan, we assign resources; in this case, this one right here. I'm going to click on it, and it says that it's going to tag anything that has environment equals production will be part of this backup. So, let me show you how that works. I'll go to RDS, and select databases. We should have one here. That is already properly set up. And let me show you here. I'm going to select the database, and go to tags and I went ahead and created this environment tag here with the value production. So this way, AWS backup can easily identify these resources as being part of that backup plan. Now, how is it done for EC2?

Exactly the same way. You go to EC2. I'm going to select my running instances here. I have a WordPress blog. And if I select it, and go to tags here, I have another tag that says environment production. Now, this is for the purpose of an automated backup. But, what if I want to make it back up right now? I don't want to wait too long. So, let's go back to AWS backup. I'm going to show you how to do an on-demand backup. Let's see here. Dashboard. When you go to the dashboard option in the center, you can say create 'On Demand Backup'. So in this case, let's say that we want to do that web server. I'll just show you. I'll select the EC2, and I'm going to select the instance that says, 'My WordPress blog.' I'll select it, and you have an option here that says, 'Create backup now'. And even the word 'now' is not instant, it says here that it will start within one hour. 

And now, you have the same options as before. You have the retention period. You don't want to be able to have this file, let's say destroyed after 30 days because it's no longer useful to me, it's going to be too old by then, so. And the backup bolt; again the default is, in most cases is going to be the only one you need. Pretty much. That's it. You can go ahead and click on create on-demand backup and that's going to trigger the job. One last thing that I would like to mention about these types of backups is that AWS backup will not re-encrypt your data. That is if you're using KMS to encrypt your EVS volumes or your RDS databases, they will stay encrypted with the current setting that they have. So, AWS backup will not add an additional layer of encryption, so just keep that in mind.


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