The Basics of Cognito
The Basics of Cognito
1h 34m

This course covers the core learning objective to meet the requirements of the 'Designing Network & Data Transfer solutions in AWS - Level 1' skill

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the AWS shared responsibility model
  • Understand AWS access management capabilities to enforce security at different levels (IAM, AWS Organizations, Control Tower, Service Catalog, Amazon Cognito)
  • Understand where to find AWS compliance information (AWS Artifact)

The Basics, at its core, Amazon Cognito is an authentication and user management service. It has a strong integration with third-party identity providers such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. It also allows you to federate identities from your own active directory services so that your AD users can have access to your own external web and mobile applications. Amazon Cognito's features can easily be broken down into two different topics, Amazon Cognito User Pools and Amazon Cognito Identity Pools. Everything else that you can do with the service is derived from these two things. So let's take a look at Amazon Cognito User Pools first and then we can take a look at Identity Pools after.

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