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Devops Foundations Summary

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DevOps Institute
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The DevOps Institute is a collaborative effort between recognized and experienced leaders in the DevOps, InfoSec and ITSM space and acts as a learning community for DevOps practices. This DevOps Foundations course has been developed in partnership with the DevOps Institute to provide you with a common understanding of DevOps goals, business value, vocabulary, concepts, and practices. By completing this course you will gain an understanding of the core DevOps concepts, the essential vocabulary, and the core knowledge and principles that fortify DevOps principles. 

This course is made up of 8 lectures and an assessment exam at the end. Upon completion of this course and the exam, students will be prepped and ready to sit the industry-recognized DevOps Institute Foundation certification exam.

Learning Objectives 

  • Recognize and explain the core DevOps concepts.
  • Understand the principles and practices of infrastructure automation and infrastructure as code.
  • Recognize and explain the core roles and responsibilities of a DevOps practice.
  • Be prepared for sitting the DevOps institute Foundation certification exam after completing the course and assessment exam.

Intended Audience

  • Individuals and teams looking to gain an understanding and shared knowledge of core DevOps principles.  



So in summary, DevOps enables companies to deliver better software faster and more reliably. It does this by improving communication, collaboration, and the integration of processes and tools across the IT value stream. It enables automation of the process of software delivery and infrastructure change. And most importantly, it leverages agile, lean, ITSM, and evolving DevOps practices. And remember, in the words of Forrester, "DevOps is not only possible, it is necessary "in the new world of business technology." That brings us to the end of this course. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at support@cloudacademy.com There are a number of learning paths that build out from what we've covered in this introduction to DevOps. Please check the appendix for links to this content, and we look forward to helping you evolve and continue to build your DevOps culture.

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Andrew is an AWS certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefit from AWS technologies. Andrew has worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.  His favorite Amazon leadership principle is "Customer Obsession" as everything AWS starts with the customer. Passions around work are cycling and surfing, and having a laugh about the lessons learnt trying to launch two daughters and a few start ups.