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DevOps Playbook - CI/CD Tools and Services
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DevOps Adoption Playbook - Part 2 - Intro
DevOps Adoption Playbook - Part 2 - Review
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In this course we introduce you to the DevOps Playbook Part 2.

The DevOps Playbook Part 2 course continues with Books 8 through to 12, covering the topics, Infrastructure as Code, Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Monitoring, where each book documents a required DevOps competency, one in which you’ll need to adopt and establish skills in to be effective in DevOps.

  • Book 8 - Infrastructure as Code
  • Book 9 - Configuration Management
  • Book 10 - Continuous Delivery
  • Book 11 - Continuous Deployment
  • Book 12 - Continuous Monitoring


The DevOps Playbook Part 2 course includes 2 demonstrations where we put into practice some of the DevOps theory presented.

  • Atlassian BitBucket Pipelines and Terraform
  • Atlassian BitBucket Pipelines Promoting Staging to Production

Note: the source code as used within these demonstrations is available at:


- [Instructor] Welcome back. Before we finish, let's do a quick review of what we have learned during this course, in which we covered off the DevOps adoption playbook, books eight through to 12. 

We gained an understanding of how to use infrastructure as code to automate the provisioning of infrastructure. We gained an understanding of the importance of configuration management to manage end server state. We gained an understanding of the differences between continuous delivery and continuous deployment. And how either can be used to automate deployment of releases. And finally, we gained an understanding of monitoring as an important requirement for the upkeep and maintenance of environments, and also as a method to provide continuous feedback. 

That concludes part two of the DevOps adoption playbook. Go ahead and close this course and we'll see you shortly in the overall learning path review.

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Jeremy is the DevOps Content Lead at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing technical training documentation for DevOps.

He has a strong background in software engineering, and has been coding with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 20+ years. In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on DevOps, Cloud, Security, and Machine Learning.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for both the AWS and GCP cloud platforms.