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This course discusses EC2 instances for SAP workloads on AWS.

Learning Objectives

Our learning objectives for this course are to:

  • Get an understanding of what EC2 instances are recommended for SAP HANA workloads
  • Learn the ways we can scale out these instances
  • And finally talk about how to migrate to high memory instances

Intended Audience

I would recommend this course for anyone attempting to create an SAP based architecture.


You should have a decent understanding of cloud computing and cloud architectures, specifically with Amazon Web Services. You should also have some background knowledge related to SAP HANA.


Today we talked about the types of EC2 instances that can run SAP HANA. The guidance from AWS states that any instance can technically run the service. However, you should be using certified SAP instances for any production workloads. I however recommend just going with the certified route for even test purposes. I recommend practicing with the tools that you'll actually be using. There are a number of options available for scaling up and out your instances. 

You can scale up a single instance from under half a terabyte of memory all the way up to 24 terabytes a memory on some of the largest high memory instances. If you're running a multi node-system, we can scale outwards up to a grand total of a 100 terabytes of memory. That's pretty good. When migrating to a high memory instance, you have a few choices. You can run an in-place upgrade moving from a low memory instance all the way up to a very large one or you can create an AMI and recreate a brand new instance using the AMI as a template. Each comes with its own pluses and minuses, however, they're both fairly easy to accomplish. 

Well, that's all I have for this lecture. My name is Will Meadows, and I'd like to thank you for spending your time here learning about EC2 instances for SAP workloads on AWS. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please contact us at Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


About the Author

William Meadows is a passionately curious human currently living in the Bay Area in California. His career has included working with lasers, teaching teenagers how to code, and creating classes about cloud technology that are taught all over the world. His dedication to completing goals and helping others is what brings meaning to his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading Reddit, playing video games, and writing books.