Enable Windows Automatic Enrollment
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In this course, we review the enrollment options available and processes to follow for enrolling Windows devices in Microsoft 365.

Learning Objectives

  • An overview of the different enrollment methods for Windows devices
  • Understand the self-enrollment options
  • Understand the administrator-based enrollment options
  • Know how to enable Windows automatic enrollment

Intended Audience

This course is intended for those who wish to learn about enrolling Windows devices in Microsoft 365 via Intune and Mobile Device Manager.


You will require a basic understanding of Mobile Device Management in Microsoft 365.

Hello and welcome back. What I want to do here in this quick demonstration is show you how to enable a Windows automatic enrollment. Now to do that, we're going to run through the Azure portal here. As you can see on your screen, I'm logged in as my global admin in my Birks lighting portal here. What I want to do here is to make this happen is browse into Azure Active Directory, and then within Azure Active Directory, what I want to do here first is show you that we have a group in here called MobileDeviceUsers. 

This MobileDeviceUsers group is going to be the group that we enable Windows automatic enrollment for. So, to do this, we'll bounce back out into our Active Directory. And then what we'll do here is we'll browse down to mobility for mobile device management and application management. If we select MDM, from here what we'll do is is we'll select our Microsoft into an app. And then by default here, I have this already showing as all. 

If we hover over the icon here for MDM user scope, we can see here that this user scope is used to configure autoenrollment for users. Now, we don't want to do this for all here, so instead, we'll select some, and then what we can do is select a group, choose our MobileDeviceUsers, select it, and then save our setting. We can leave our URLs at their default settings. We're not going to do anything with mobile application management, but at this point, we have now enabled Windows automatic enrollment for our single group, and that single group is MobileDeviceUsers.


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