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Facilitating Agile meetings: Sprint planning



Introduction to sprint planning

A sprint is a central event in the scrum framework. Facilitating Agile meetings: Sprint planning Introduction to sprint planning 

It’s important that you know what they are, how they work, and how to best run them. 

This course will help you achieve this understanding by answering the following question: 

  • What is sprint planning? 
  • How do you create a strong definition of done? 
  • What are velocity and capacity and how to calculate them? 
  • How do you deal with impediments? 

Reflective activities: Sprint planning 

For each step in this Course, there is a reflective activity that will help you prepare for the video and allow you develop some of your own ideas about the video topic. 

Before watching each video, complete the related reflective activity: 

Sprint planning 

Getting sprint planning right is another really important action for successful scrum teams. On a piece of paper, create a mind map of sprint planning. Try to identify the purpose, attendees, inputs and outputs of the daily scrum. 

Definition of done 

What do you think some of the key elements of a great definition of done should include? 

The sprint retrospective 

How do you think a scrum team’s velocity is calculated, and why is it important? 


Impediments are different for every team because they depend on context. Try and think of an impediment that could affect a sprint team team. Write it down and consider how it could impact the team, and why you think it’s an impediment. 

Check your ideas as you watch each video. 

When you’re ready, select Next to continue.


In this Course, you will explore the process of sprint planning. 


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