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In this Course, you will explore sprint review s and retrospectives and learn about working at scale in Agile. 


Scrum is primarily an agile delivery framework. It focuses on the delivery of a product, or software, and everyone in the team is focused on this. Scrum teams are set up to be six, plus or minus three people. For the reason that as soon as we start to get over nine people, the communication starts to break down. But there is a risk here for enterprise level deployment of Scrum. How do Scrum teams work together? What if there are multiple Scrum teams working on different features of the same epic? While it's not in the official Scrum guidance, there is generally accepted Scrum practice called Scrum Of Scrums. Which can help solve these issues for you. The simplest way to think of this, is that each Scrum team will have their own Scrum Master and have their own sprints, reviews, retrospectives, and Daily Scrums. They may also have their own product owner, and product backlog. And need to do all the things that every Scrum team does. However, after the Daily Scrum every day, a designated ambassador from each team, or the Scrum Master from each team, or both, get together and do another Scrum. The Scrum Of Scrums. During this, they will follow the same Daily Scrum practices, but from a higher team level perspective. For instance, they will each answer standard questions like, "What did we do yesterday? "What will we do today? "And what impediments have we come across?" The Scrum Of Scrums can really be useful as it allows different Scrum teams to collaborate and share resources. Scrum Masters can also share best practice, and support one another. And of course, the enterprise can make sure that all of their delivery teams are on the same page. They can also share this information on to a higher level program manager, or other parts of management within the enterprise, if that's the mandate. So the Scrum Of Scrums can become a really fantastic touch point for senior management to understand more about the delivery teams. However, there is a problem with the Scrum Of Scrums. It is limited by the same thing that standard Scrum teams are limited by, communication. If the Scrum Of Scrums gets much beyond nine teams involved, then communication can become disrupted by the complexity here. So in some ways, the Scrum Of Scrums represents the widest level that Scrum can be expanded before it reaches the limit of its scalability. Well, that brings us to the end of this video. If you find yourself in a situation where there are multiple Scrum teams within your organization, and you're struggling to keep communication clear between everyone, don't be afraid to try running a Scrum Of Scrums. While it's not part of the official Scrum framework, it has been been trialed successfully in different organizations. The Scrum Of Scrums is really a pretty simple process. But it does also highlight the extent of Scrum scalability.

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