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Tableau Creator Concepts

Although there are variations depending on the architecture and requirements of an organisation, the general workflow in Tableau involves four steps:

  1. Connect to a data source or sources.
  2. Use the data source options, configure the data source and relationships.
  3. Create viz, one per worksheet, using the canvas, shelves and cards.
  4. Combine those visualisations into dashboards and/or stories to share. 


Figure 1.2: Tableau workflow data to visuals to audience

Tableau workbooks are collections of visualisations (worksheets, dashboards, stories) and can be built from one or many data sources, for the purposes of one or many projects.

Workbooks, created in tableau desktop, are usually saved with either the file extension .twbx or .twb. Packaged Workbooks use the .twbx extension. They contain an extract of the data source, zipped up inside the file.

Workbooks use the .twb extension. They contain the sheets and any dashboards or stories but require whoever you are sharing the workbook with to also have access to the same data. This is a secure way of sharing your data and insights inside an organisation. There are other Tableau file types including Bookmarks and Extracts.  Search file types in the Tableau Help to find out more.

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Tableau Overview 

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