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Tableau Dashboard and Story Editors |DEL3 FCA|

Tableau Dashboard and Story Editors

You will find different features, menus, and configuration options when you are in Dashboard or Story Mode, most of these options are available from the left-hand side pane.

In Dashboard mode these include a worksheet selector (worksheets have a blue tick to indicate they have been chosen for this dashboard).

You will also have access to design objects to shape and frame the dashboard including configuration options, layout containers, images, text and blank spaces, navigation, and visual formatting such as borders, background, padding and size.

If you want to learn more about what any of these features do in Tableau you can go to the Help page, accessible from the drop-down menu, and type in the item name you are puzzled over.

Searching the terms “Dashboard + Padding“ in Help will take you to help articles for all padding related queries with examples, images of the tool in use, and guided exercises to follow.

In Story mode, there are fewer options because in this stage you will be combining already built sheets and dashboards; you will also be saving variations of them with deliberate user interactions, and annotations relevant to the insights you want to share.

You also get a small number of navigation and design features.

In these modes, you may also notice that some icons on the toolbar are greyed out because they are not appropriate to this type of content.

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