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Tableau Data Source Connection Screen |DEL3 FCA|

Tableau Data Source Connection Screen

This screen can be reached from the landing page, or from the worksheet and the Data menu. In this screen you will connect to Tableau data sources.

In Tableau Public there are a limited amount of data sources you can utilise; there are many more in the paid for Desktop product. Here we can connect to files, most familiar to you will be Microsoft Excel and Text files (csv, txt). In Tableau, data connections are always blue as a colour indicator, so look for the blue menu or the blue Connect to Data link if you aren’t sure where to start. There is also a Data drop down menu to select from.

First, you select your file type, for example Microsoft Excel, and then browse to the file location. There are significantly less options shown here in Tableau Public, the free version of the software, but the functionality after this stage is very similar.  

Once connected to one data source, in this screen we can bring in additional data sources and relate them to each other in an easy visual way, choosing the connecting fields and previewing the resulting data tables.

Other things you can do in the Tableau data source screen include – apply data source filters, change the data types and rename fields, hide fields you don’t want to use, create new columns from calculations and split strings, and pivot data shape.

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