A Streaming Framework

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In this lesson, we take a look at streaming data, why it's important, and how Amazon Kinesis is used to stream data into the AWS cloud.

You'll learn what data streaming is, the problems it solves, and, how Amazon Kinesis addresses them.

We'll also cover, at a very high level, what services exist inside Amazon Kinesis.  These are Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Data Analytics, and Kinesis Video Streams.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamentals of streams processing
  • Learn about the features of Amazon Kinesis
  • Learn about the services that make up Amazon Kinesis

Intended Audience

This lesson is intended for people that want to learn about streaming data, why it's important, and how Amazon Kinesis is used to send data into the AWS cloud.


  • This lesson assumes no prior knowledge of Amazon Kinesis, streaming data, or its internals.
  • A general understanding of the AWS cloud.
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