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This course provides an introduction to the Oracle APEX service, exploring its key features, architecture, and deployment options.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain a foundational understanding of low-code application development
  • Learn the key features and characteristics of Oracle APEX
  • Understand the various environments where Oracle APEX is available
  • Learn about Autonomous Database
  • Learn about Oracle APEX architecture as well as all Oracle APEX deployment options

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of Oracle APEX


We recommend that you take this course as part of our Oracle APEX: Foundations learning path.


Hello, welcome to Oracle APEX Foundation course. Getting Started with Oracle APEX Module - Availability and Architecture lesson. My name is Chaitanya. I'm a product manager on the Oracle APEX Product Development team. Oracle APEX provides you with all the tools you need to build applications in a single extensible platform which runs as part of Oracle Database. You now have an understanding of what Oracle APEX is. Let's now do a deep dive into oracle APEX availability and architecture. Oracle APEX runs everywhere your Oracle Database runs. In this lesson, you learn about various environments where Oracle APEX is available. You are introduced to Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database. You learn how Oracle APEX Autonomous Database is a powerful combination. You are also introduced to the simple, lowest cost, all inclusive Oracle APEX service. You learn about Oracle APEX architecture and finally this lesson also covers all Oracle APEX deployment options.

With Oracle APEX, you can rapidly develop, customize, and deliver solutions. Oracle APEX engine takes care of all of the low level plumbing and provides a simple to use declarative framework so developers can concentrate on solving business requirements rather than spending time in writing hundreds or thousands of lines of code to build applications. APEX provides all the necessary pre-build controls to build an application that securely access a database, manages user credentials, complex business rules, session state and more. So, with APEX you can go from prototype to production in just minutes. Rather than modifying lines of code, you can simply update the application definition and then run it to see the changes. There is no need to check in code or generate deliverables. Just code, test, run, and repeat. Oracle APEX is a fully supported, no cost feature of Oracle Autonomous Database and all Oracle Database Distributions and Editions. This means if you have Oracle Database, you already have Oracle APEX.

This also means that you have native access to all of the Oracle Database capabilities. APEX runs anywhere that Oracle database runs, whether it is On-Premises or an Oracle Cloud or anywhere else. And you can deploy your Oracle APEX applications across any environment with ease. In Oracle Cloud, APEX is offered as a simple, all-inclusive APEX service with all database cloud services including Autonomous Database and is also available as always free with APEX Service and Autonomous Database. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Autonomous Database is a fully managed, pre-configured database environment. Oracle Autonomous Database uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate many data management tasks performed by DBA's, including managing database backups, security and performance tuning. Autonomous Database offers 4 different workflow types.

Autonomous transaction processing, this is built for transactional workloads and offer high concurrency for short running queries and transactions. Autonomous Data Warehouse, this is build for decision support and data warehouse workloads. It offers fast queries over large volumes of data. Oracle APEX Application Development or APEX Service, which is optimized for application developers who want a transaction processing database for application development using Oracle APEX. Autonomous JSON Database which is built for JSON centric application development. It offers developer friendly document APIs and native JSON storage. You can use the Oracle APEX Service with each of the other workload types. Autonomous database can be used without charge as part of the Oracle cloud infrastructure suite of Always Free resources. Oracle APEX + Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a powerful combination.

Oracle APEX on Autonomous Database provides a preconfigured, fully managed, and secured environment to both develop and deploy world-class applications. Oracle takes care of configuration, tuning, backups, patching, encryption, scaling and more, leaving you free to focus on solving your business problems. The Autonomous Database Cloud services also include powerful technologies such as Oracle REST Data Services and database actions to access, manage, and maintain your data. The world's most popular enterprise low code application development platform- Oracle APEX along with the world's best converge database. Oracle Autonomous Database on the world's best cloud infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is available as a simple all-inclusive cloud service that scales as you grow. All-inclusive also means you are not constrained by additional costs that can impact the success and popularity of your applications. The Oracle APEX Application Development Service or APEX Service is the fastest, lowest cost way to develop and deploy world-class applications.

Your APEX service can be ready in just a few minutes and you will never have to worry about the complexity of mid-tiers, load balancers, encryption, and more. APEX Service simplifies costs that are typically associated with other low-code platforms. There is no complex pricing associated with the number of users, developers, or applications within your APEX service. They are also no limits on the number of applications that can be developed, the number of developers using the service or the number of end users using your applications. There are also no additional fee for data transfer into or out of your service. You can utilize Oracle REST Data services to create custom REST APIs against your application data and use database actions to compose SQL queries and graphically model data. Now is the time to learn Oracle APEX architecture. Oracle APEX uses a simple three-tier architecture where request or sent from the browser through a web server to the database. All processing, data manipulation, and business logic is executed within the database. This architecture guarantees zero latency data access, top performance and scalability out of the box.

A web request from the web browser is sent to Oracle REST Data Services where it is handed to Oracle Database to be action. Within the database, the request is processed by Oracle APEX. Once the processing is complete, the result is sent back through Oracle REST Data Services to the browser. When you create or extend an application, APEX creates or modifies the metadata stored in the database tables. When the application is run, the APEX engine then reads the metadata and displays the requested page or processes page submissions. There is no need for file-based compilation and there is no-code generation at all. All processing is performed by PL / SQL acting directly on the data schemas in the database. Therefore, Oracle APEX applications are very efficient as data is manipulated directly in the database and the results are sent back to your web browser.

A single API call invokes all of the necessary data processing based on the metadata definition in a single request, rather than requiring multiple calls to the database. Oracle REST Data Services, Autonomous Database, and APEX are available fully managed with Oracle Autonomous Cloud Services. You can deploy Oracle APEX applications wherever Oracle Database files. APEX enables you to seamlessly shift applications to and from the Oracle Database Cloud Service. Private and public clouds, On-Premise and even the free public evaluation service. For example, you can develop an APEX application running on Windows on-premises and deploy it to Oracle APEX running in the cloud on Linux or vice versa. In this lesson, you learned about various environments where Oracle APEX is available. You understood the powerful combination of APEX on autonomous database. You are also introduced to APEX Service. This lesson also covered Oracle APEX architecture. And finally, you learned about Orbital APEX Deployment Options. This concludes the lesson on Oracle APEX Availability and Architecture. I hope you find that useful. Thank you for watching.

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