Oracle APEX: introduction
Oracle APEX: introduction

This course provides an introduction to the Oracle APEX service, exploring its key features, architecture, and deployment options.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain a foundational understanding of low-code application development
  • Learn the key features and characteristics of Oracle APEX
  • Understand the various environments where Oracle APEX is available
  • Learn about Autonomous Database
  • Learn about Oracle APEX architecture as well as all Oracle APEX deployment options

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of Oracle APEX


We recommend that you take this course as part of our Oracle APEX: Foundations learning path.


Hello, welcome to Oracle APEX Foundation Course getting started with Oracle APEX module. Introducing Oracle APEX lesson. My name is Chaitanya, I am a product manager on the Oracle APEX Product Development team. Now that you understood what low code application development is, let us now learn what Oracle APEX is and local application development with Oracle APEX. In this lesson, you're introduced to Oracle's strategic low code application development platform, Oracle APEX. You'll learn the key features of Oracle APEX. You'll also understand the distinguishing characteristics of Oracle APEX. And you'll learn who can use Oracle APEX. So, what is Oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is the world's most popular low code application development platform for enterprise applications that enables you to build scalable, secure enterprise applications, with world-class features, that can be deployed anywhere. APEX is Oracle's strategic low code application development platform to build modern, beautiful, and responsive web applications for Oracle database. Oracle APEX lets you build enterprise applications 20x faster with 100x less code.

APEX provides you with all the tools you need to build applications in a single, extensible platform which runs as a part of Oracle database. APEX eliminates the burden and complexities involved in traditional coding and provides world-class components, a deeply customizable user interface and a whole lot more out of the box. APEX empowers developers to build incredible applications and solve real business problems. APEX offers all the tools you need to be productive, deliver on time, and produce stunning results for your business. And you won't need to be an expert in a vast array of web technologies. APEX minimizes the complexity involved with multi-fasted applications and provides developers with the features they need to quickly solve business problems without needing much of an expertise. All you need to do is just focus on solving the business problem and let APEX do the heavy lifting for you. Did you know that if you have Oracle database, you already have Oracle APEX? APEX is the native low code platform for Oracle database.

It is a fully supported, no-cost feature of Oracle database. The most complete, integrated and secure data platform for any scale deployment. This solid foundation enables applications build using APEX to natively access and interact with all of the capabilities of Oracle database. With APEX you can develop responsive web applications. You can quickly build reports, forms, charts, calendars, etc., on top of the data in your database. APEX enables organizations to capitalise on their existing investment in SQL and PL SQL skills. Anyone can quickly learn to develop applications with APEX. Using APEX, IT developers and citizen developers who know a little SQL can readily build applications. Not just using Oracle database capabilities, but with APEX you can build applications faster and with few of your developers. So, what are the distinguishing characteristics of Oracle APEX? With Oracle APEX, the Application Development Environment is in a web browser and you do not need any client software. Application definitions are stored in the database as meta data. It's all declarative application development and there is no code generation. Page generation is efficient with only one request and one response and data processing is done in the database.

So, who can use Oracle APEX? Oracle APEX is not just for developers, but also for line of business, business analysts, non IT professionals and of course, IT professionals, database developers, DBAs, DevOps and you. Oracle APEX has been recognized as a customer's choice in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer': Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms. For more information, you can visit /enterprise-low-code-application-platform. In this lesson, you're introduced to Oracle's strategic low-code application development platform, Oracle APEX. You learned the key features of Oracle APEX. You also understood the distinguishing characteristics of Oracle APEX. And finally, you learned who can use Oracle APEX. This concludes the lesson on introducing Oracle APEX. I hope you find that useful. Thank you so much for watching.

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