Getting Started With Serverless Computing - Conclusion


In this Getting Started with Serverless Computing course, we have:

  • Learned About Serverless Computing
  • Outlined what serverless computing is and how it works
  • Reviewed the building blocks of serverless computing
  • Outlined common use cases for how people use serverless functions
  • Created a RESTful API Using Amazon API Gateway
  • Defined a model for the API
  • Defined resources for the model
  • Added a method for clients to access the resources
  • Created our first Serverless Function Using AWS Lambda
  • Implemented a serverless function with AWS Lambda
  • Connected our Lambda function to our API Gateway
  • Explored Using Serverless Functions
  • Read values from a Lambda function using an API Gateway endpoint
  • Monitored an S3 bucket and triggered a file conversion with a Lambda function
  • Used AWS Lambda functions in a restaurant ordering application
  • Monitored and debug Lambda functions using AWS CloudWatch
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Andrew Larkin
Head of Content
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Andrew is fanatical about helping business teams gain the maximum ROI possible from adopting, using, and optimizing Public Cloud Services. Having built  70+ Cloud Academy courses, Andrew has helped over 50,000 students master cloud computing by sharing the skills and experiences he gained during 20+  years leading digital teams in code and consulting. Before joining Cloud Academy, Andrew worked for AWS and for AWS technology partners Ooyala and Adobe.

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