Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation Introduction



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This introduction to the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Learning Path provides an overview of the requirements for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam and how they will be covered.

The 5 major subject areas are:

  • Setting up a cloud solution environment.
  • Planning and configuring a cloud solution.
  • Deploying and implementing a cloud solution.
  • Ensuring successful operation of a cloud solution.
  • Configuring access and security.

Hello and welcome to Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Preparation. The focus of this learning path is to prepare you for Google's Associate Cloud Engineer Exam. However, if you're not planning on sitting for the exam, this learning path will help you get started on your way to becoming a Google Associate Cloud Engineer! My name's Thomas Mitchell and I'm a GCP Course Author at Cloud Academy. The Associate Cloud Engineer Exam will test your knowledge in several key subject areas. You'll be expected to understand how to set up a cloud solution environment using Google Cloud Platform services and solutions. You'll also need to know how to plan, configure, deploy, and implement cloud solutions using the GCP platform. Lastly, you'll need to be able to maintain successful operation of cloud solutions deployed on the Google Cloud Platform.

This learning path has been designed to align closely with the published learning objectives covered by the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam. That being the case, we'll cover the setup of cloud projects and accounts along with billing configuration management on the platform. We'll also tackle the installation and configuration of the command-line interface. Next, we'll dive into the pricing calculator and how to plan and estimate GCP product pricing. After covering the calculator, we'll get into planning and configuring GCP compute resources, data storage options, and network resources. As you progress through this learning path, you'll learn how to deploy and implement Computer Engine resources, Google Kubernetes Engine resources, App Engine, Cloud Run and Cloud Functions resources. You'll also learn how to deploy and implement data solutions as well as network resources. After you've learned all that, you'll learn how to deploy solutions using Cloud Marketplace and how to deploy application infrastructure using Cloud Deployment Manager. Later in this learning path, you'll learn how to manage the resources that you deployed, you'll also learn how to manage your storage solutions, database solutions, and networking resources. Rounding out this learning path, we'll cover identity and access management, service account management, and auditing for project and managed services. We certainly have lots of ground to cover, so let's get started!

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Tom is a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, having worked in environments as large as 40k seats and as small as 50 seats. Throughout the course of a long an interesting career, he has built an in-depth skillset that spans numerous IT disciplines. Tom has designed and architected small, large, and global IT solutions.

In addition to the Cloud Platform and Infrastructure MCSE certification, Tom also carries several other Microsoft certifications. His ability to see things from a strategic perspective allows Tom to architect solutions that closely align with business needs.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys camping, fishing, and playing poker.

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