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This course will help you prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect Exam. We cover the 4 case studies presented in the exam guide, explain what they are, why they are important, and how to use them to prepare for the exam.

Learning Objectives

Examine the 4 case studies presented in the exam guide:

  • EHR Healthcare
  • Helicopter Racing League
  • Mountkirk Games
  • TerramEarth

Intended Audience

Anyone planning to take the Professional Cloud Architect Exam.


Basic knowledge of GCP.


Congratulations!  You made it through the course.

Since this course was recorded, Google might have made one or more changes to the case studies.  You should not assume that the case studies I presented here are the latest versions.  Make sure to visit the Google Professional Cloud Architect study guide to review the latest copies of the use cases.  

I highly suggest you read through them several times in order to get very familiar with each.  Make sure you identify the main business and technical requirements.  You also want to start thinking about which products and services might be the best fit for each company.  If you go into the exam with this knowledge, it’s going to save you a good deal of time and it will help ensure that you can choose the best answer for any of the questions.

Well, that’s all I have for you today.  Remember to give this course a rating, and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.  Thanks for watching, and make sure to check out our many other courses on Cloud Academy!

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Daniel began his career as a Software Engineer, focusing mostly on web and mobile development. After twenty years of dealing with insufficient training and fragmented documentation, he decided to use his extensive experience to help the next generation of engineers.

Daniel has spent his most recent years designing and running technical classes for both Amazon and Microsoft. Today at Cloud Academy, he is working on building out an extensive Google Cloud training library.

When he isn’t working or tinkering in his home lab, Daniel enjoys BBQing, target shooting, and watching classic movies.

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