High-Performance Text Analysis with HuggingFace GPT-2 on AWS Neuron with AWS Inferentia

3m 8s

In this lesson, expert instructor Deniz Yilmaz will show you how to utilize the AWS Deep Learning AMI with the Neuron SDK and PyTorch on AWS Inferentia to compile and execute the HuggingFace GPT-2 model.

Learning Objectives

  • Request a service quota increase to launch Inferentia instances
  • Launch an AWS Deep Learning AMI on an Inf2 instance
  • Establish a secure SSH connection to the Inf2 instance
  • Activate the Neuron environment, verify installation of key packages, and run Neuron tool commands
  • Establish SSH tunneling for secure Jupyter Notebook access
  • Launch and configure a Jupyter Notebook environment
  • Optimize and deploy HuggingFace GPT-2 model on AWS Inf2 instances
  • Conduct performance tests to compare inference times between CPU and Neuron-powered GPU instances

Intended Audience

  • Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and developers with basic knowledge of machine learning



To access the Python scripts and commands for compiling and executing the HuggingFace GPT-2 model, along with additional materials for this demonstration, please visit our GitHub repository here:
About the Author
Deniz Yilmaz
AWS Content Creator

Deniz is a dedicated AWS content creator at Cloud Academy, holding 5 AWS certifications. He is passionate about breaking down complex concepts into understandable and engaging content to help learners.

Beyond his role at Cloud Academy, he runs a YouTube channel, "Hands-On With Digital Den," where he creates practical projects, tutorials, and demos related to AWS, making learning effective and enjoyable.

Deniz graduated in law and worked as a legal caseworker before transitioning to the cloud industry. Outside of work, he enjoys playing football, boxing and participating in motorcycle track days.

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