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Think Like a Solutions Architect

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If you're just beginning your journey towards becoming a solutions architect, this course is a great place to start. We'll cover what a solutions architect is and what they do, the pillars of the AWS well-architected framework, and other essential aspects of AWS that you should know if you want to become a solutions architect.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what a solutions architect is and what they do
  • Understand the five pillars of the AWS well-architected framework
  • Learn about the services, design patterns, and workflows necessary for building affection solutions on AWS

Intended Audience

This course is ideal for beginners who are interested in becoming solutions architects on AWS.


This is an introductory level course, so there are no prerequisites. Any existing knowledge of AWS would, however, be beneficial.



Here is the good news. We are fully prepared to teach you everything you will need to know to become a certified AWS Solutions Architect. Our learning path covers everything I have just outlined already and much more. 

Our instructors have deep knowledge of AWS, instructional design, and adult education methodologies. We integrate specific hands-on laboratory experience within the learning path, so that you can turn book knowledge into practical experience. 

You can do this. Every one of the instructors you will hear from have walked in the same shoes you are about to journey forthwith. So my advice to you is this: trust in yourself, take the time to learn things the right way, practice what you learn, and do not be afraid of failure. Making mistakes and correcting them is the best way to learn anything.

About the Author

William Meadows is a passionately curious human currently living in the Bay Area in California. His career has included working with lasers, teaching teenagers how to code, and creating classes about cloud technology that are taught all over the world. His dedication to completing goals and helping others is what brings meaning to his life. In his free time, he enjoys reading Reddit, playing video games, and writing books.

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