How To Use CloudFormation for Automation

2m 13s

In this lesson, we will cover the foundations of CloudFormation. We will talk about what CloudFormation is, cover the anatomy of a CloudFormation template, and then create a simple CloudFormation template and deploy it so you can see the resources live. 

Learning Objectives

  • A greater understanding of CloudFormation
  • Be able to identify what the tool is, its benefits, the components of a CloudFormation template, how to create a template, and how to deploy a template

Intended Audience

  • Those who might know what CloudFormation is conceptually but haven’t yet gotten hands-on with building their own templates
  • Those who may be looking for more information on the structure of a CloudFormation template and how to start writing their own templates



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Alana Layton is an experienced technical trainer, technical content developer, and cloud engineer living out of Seattle, Washington. Her career has included teaching about AWS all over the world, creating AWS content that is fun, and working in consulting. She currently holds six AWS certifications. Outside of Cloud Academy, you can find her testing her knowledge in bar trivia, reading, or training for a marathon.

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