Implementing Azure Private Link and Azure Private Endpoints


This lesson will focus on how to create and configure Azure Private Link services combined with private endpoints within your virtual network. Once an understanding of both services has been established, the lesson will dive deeper into the implementation of each by spending time on controlling access to each service and then discussing integration with DNS services. Lastly, the lesson will take the discussion to on-premises environments and discuss how to make private endpoints and Private Links available through Azure VPN connections to your own internal networks.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Private Link service
  • Create and plan private endpoints
  • Configure access to private endpoints
  • Integrate Private Link with DNS
  • Integrate Private Link service with on-premises clients

Intended Audience

  • Azure network engineers who will be recommending networking solutions and managing them for performance, resiliency, scale, and security
  • Azure network engineers who will be working with solution architects, cloud administrators, security engineers, and application developers to deliver Azure solutions


  • Experience with Azure virtual networks, Azure VPN connections, and DNS
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