Why Cost Optimization Matters
Why Cost Optimization Matters
1h 13m

This course covers the core learning objective to meet the requirements of the 'Implementing effective Cost Management solutions in AWS - Level 1' skill

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand aspects of AWS Cloud economics, including OpEX, CapEX and TCO
  • Understand the various AWS account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing practices
  • Understand which operations will reduce costs by moving to the AWS cloud
  • Analyze and contrast the various pricing models for AWS, such as On-Demand EC2 Instances, Reserved Instances, and Spot Instance pricing

Starting early with cost optimization is essential and can save a lot of trouble.

Many AWS cost projects do not start when you migrate to AWS, but costs get out of hand. And then it usually becomes even more difficult to change entrenched processes and behaviors. But do not be discouraged by this if you are in such a situation. This is why we have created this course, to help you relax, even in such difficult situations.

AWS offers fantastic opportunities for faster development, lower TCO, and increased agility.

No matter if a startup or large corporation, AWS grows with the requirements and always provides exactly the services that are currently needed - of course, only when used correctly.

Cost Optimization helps you meet your financial and business objectives while only paying for what you need and and use.

AWS is not a traditional data center and therefore should not be used as such. 

AWS allows us to be much more agile and instead of spending time on administrative overhead, we can invest that time in innovation.

Companies see the greatest potential for savings by taking advantage of the agility of AWS and developing applications that scale and are highly automated.

Later in the course, we will cover the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework, clarifying the key concepts and design principles of cloud workloads.

Cost optimization will help you manage your resources and money appropriately and in time to make economically wise decisions before expenses get out of hand and need to be fixed.

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