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In this course, you will learn how to install a Linux system and connect to it, whether that be on Mac or Windows.


If you're trying to access a virtual machine that is running on your system, the easiest way is to simply start up the virtual machine and interact with it through VirtualBox. For this course, there really is no need to connect to the virtual machine over the network. I really recommend just typing into the virtual machine directly for this course.

Here's an example, I've went ahead and started VirtualBox on my local machine or my host system, and I have a VirtualBox that is running. I'm simply gonna open this VirtualBox and you can see that it's in a window, in a VirtualBox window. You can see the menu options from VirtualBox itself. So what I'm going to do is simply click into this virtual machine and then interact with it as if it were a real, physical Linux machine that I'm sitting in front of. You know, I can do things like start a terminal, or start a web browser, and I can just type right into this system, and that's really how I recommend you go through this course.

However, if you want to connect to the virtual machine that is running on your computer over the network, see the lesson on this topic toward the end of the course. I created that lesson specifically for the few students who asked to learn more about that topic. I placed it at the end of the course because it requires the use of some techniques that are not covered until later. Again, that lesson is totally optional and I recommend that you proceed with this course and only watch that lesson, if you're specifically interested in that topic, and that you watch that lesson only after you've seen all the other lessons in this course.

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