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Alibaba Cloud
Managed Security Services

This course covers Alibaba Cloud's Managed Security Service, which allows you to manage the security of your Alibaba cloud environment effectively, providing all the operations of a security operations center. This course introduces the service and shows you its use case and benefits.

Learning Objectives

  • Get a baseline understanding of the Managed Security Center in Alibaba cloud
  • Learn the benefits, use cases, and intended users of the service

Intended Audience

  • Security managers
  • Solutions architects
  • Anyone interested in the Alibaba Cloud security


To get the most from this course, you should have basic knowledge of the Alibaba Cloud platform as well as some basic cloud security concepts.


Welcome to today's Alibaba Cloud Academy Online Public Course. Today our topic is Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service. Today's topic is a little bit different from the previous one, because today I'm going to introduce one of the security service we are providing from Alibaba Cloud. So there will be no demo for this service. So what is managed security service? Actually, you can consider it the all self owned security operations center.

But actually, you can think about it like this way, Alibaba cloud will provide all the operations of your security operation center. And what you need, and what the benefit for you is is you will have all the services and the benefits you can have. You don't need to have your own people. You don't need to maintain your own platform and portal and those kind of data analysis tools or some other needed assets. The service- The managed security service can provide including consulting and vulnerability management, threat management, product management, even compliance management.

We can hope from this service, you'll be looking a very secure and a very convenient service after you purchase our WAF or Anti-DDoS, those kind of security products. So security service is a trust service because we have been using this kind of technology for our own product for more than 10 years. And we have a very experienced team. We have more than 100 members of the, you know, the skillful security experts. They are sitting behind and trying to provide this kind of service. And also now we are already, already managing like more than 20,000 ECS Instance. This is a huge baseline for us to build up our capability and build up our products to serve more and more customers.

Talking about the team, I have to say, we have the toppest, the most intelligent team to serve our most top clients. We, we call ourselves the World-class security expert group, because all those experts, they are coming from our, in China, two of the major, IT very well development- developed city, like Hangzhou and Beijing. So many of the, how to say that, the intelligent engineers graduated from the university is progress to big cities. And the team is also a diversity team, it including our product engineers, security analysis, the ethical hackers, sometimes we'll call them the white hats. And we have also our forensic investigators and the researchers.

So all of these engineers and experts, they will combine together to provide the consulting service and the whole. For most of the people they have been working on the cloud security area for years. This picture shows our Service Architecture. Definitely at the very bottom, we should have all the data and the tools support our service, which means like the WAF and Anti-DDoS you- and a customer you may want to, after you purchase those kind of products, it takes a very heavy load work to maintain those kind of products and sometimes you may want to know how can I configure those products to better fit into my business.

So we using the this kind of technical and data tools and our uh- and our underlayering structure to help the, our customer to found all the, vulnerabilities and all the possible weakness of your system. Then based on those data and the tools that we build up, we call them, the security operations center, and we have our dashboard and other kind of process to manage all the data we can have, like the SAS and the incidents and the, we have the different process to track the handling of the different tickets and the, the progress of how will we handle this kind of a incident.

Then based on all this, we have our, just like we mentioned the experts team, right? It's- it looks at the human interface, right? We, we used those experts to talk with us customers to find the, their security requirements and we provided a service like the Consulting Penetration test, monitoring and help the customer to better config the WAF and the Anti-DDoS products. So all in all, the Alibaba Cloud management Security Service actually with the WAF and the Anti-DDoS management, and the security assessment services with our management of service is potential loss caused by security breaches are reduced and then your online business is constantly monitored and protected from incoming attacks.

Many of our security service, just like we listed here, it including the Security services, Managed services and the Consulting services. So Managed security service is very suitable for customers who have purchased our Anti-DDoS, WAF products, but you think you are, you know, lack continuous monitoring capabilities and the security engineers to guide those vulnerabilities. The service is therefore very ideal for the customers who otherwise need to outsource professionals to assist. So we ensure the effectiveness operation.

So here we have the security service, like we can help you to do the assets assessment, helping you to hide the name of your service and to do the penetration- penetration tasks and to find them all vulnerabilities. And when something was happening, we will do the immediate response to help you to root cause and fix the- fix the problem as to when possible. And for any service that you are running on your, on your productive environment like the WAF, Anti-DDoS, security awareness service in our server, we can always provide as a, configuration service to make sure it can fit into your business and 100% match of business needs.

This picture shows the major methodologies we are using to design the service itself. Talking about the, the implementation, actually, some of the highlights I would like to list here is our expertise in we would definitely create the WAF or the Anti-DDoS implementation plan, and also set up the products for your online applications. Definitely we would also configure and enable the HTTPS certification to even handling your website.

Sometimes your WAF and Anti-DDoS, it's not working alone, right? You need to work it with some other products, definitely the team will help you to configure the WAF and then just to be able to talk with a CDN or SRB, some kind of other products. And for the monitoring and the manage service, the expert team will provide the continuous monitoring and detection of attacks which is targeting your system. Actually when we monitor the impact of the security attacks on your system, it's not only a monitoring, but the expert team will also analyze the web text logs to identify any potential threat.

Based on the, the all the data we have based on the previous attacks history, right? We need to introduce the tighter WAF policy by reviewing the monitoring results and the security test results. Definitely we will have the service to optimize the WAF policies to protect the website from some very common application level attacks like the ACP flag, SQL injection, the Cross-site scripting, and bot attacks. Also we will help you to adjust the Anti-DDoS policies to reduce the impact of denial of service attacks. Definitely every policy will be optimized and reconfigured based on the business requirement from your needs. And finally, we have the report and the improvement part, which means we we will give daily, weekly and a monthly support, and we will support the customized reports according to our customer needs.

Based on all the services and the methodologies we provided, we can give you a very quick response to the security incidents for any very serious attack, like the DDoS attack, why is it happening, with the team you're jumping immediately to bring the defense and bring the business really quickly back to normal. Here, I listed some of the details about what we can do for the management service. The WAF service is just one of the service we can provide. I think there are some highlights here, right? We have a 7 multiply 24 hours monitoring service, which means that for anytime you have any security breach fund, we would provide the response immediately.

Talking about the benefits, definitely if you can leverage our management security service, it, it really improve your security scenario, because sometimes we buy some products, but if we cannot configure them very well or to some very refined policy definition, maybe we cannot fully like the function of the product being used. That's why we really need some experts to help, to, you know, to enable or empowerment the, the product to the full capabilities. And you don't need to maintain your own team, right? This team will give you a very quick response to any security incident for any time. And because you are using a standard security service provided with Alibaba cloud, you don't need to worry about the compliance problem.

We already have those kind of, you know, the compliance problems, all the certification already applied to our product. And again, what you can reduce the cost is including the human, a human can employ for the security experts by ourself, those kinds of cost. And you don't need to, you know, spend more time to do the deary operation, those kind of extra efforts, help you, those, all this kind of benefits, this other security management service can help you to provide.

Again let's highlight some of the features, definitely professional. We have the experts who knows our cloud the best, because they are just working for our, for Alibaba cloud themselves. And they have the very rich cyber security experience and they have their practical skills being done on cloud for many years and it's reliable. And I said, it's, it's no, no stop continuously service. And we do the proactive detection and to try to prevent the attacks from the first second. And we also have our intelligence engine and the big data kind of technology support our surveys to try to find everything that, you know, most smart way.

Oh I have a case here because, and, you know, for the G 20 summit, it's a global summit, which was happening in Hangzhou. And we, we, Alibaba cloud actually provide this kind of, management security service to the government and we even served more than 2000 websites. Most of the websites are government related websites, and we improved security through the handling and a policy optimization to make sure those websites can be mostly for than, than before.

At the same time, the system is running just like automated scanning and detection. So we proactively offered more than 300 times penetration test, and we found more than 1000 high risk vulnerabilities. It's no need to say during the whole period of the Hangzhou G20 Summit, we defend, you know, like 3,000 it's 40,000 attacks. And none of the attacks was actually a success. It's a very significant and impressive achievements. So if you want to understand that and learn more about this product, please go to our product page, you can have more information found there. And also from the page there, you can contact our salesperson and found the pricing list for a different level of the service we can provide. So thank you for watching.

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