Introducing and Installing Packet Tracer
Packet Tracer Installation

Here you will complete the Cisco Packet Tracer course on Networking Academy, and install Packet Tracer.

The second video will need the file which you should have downloaded in the previous step. If you haven't done so already, please go back a step, and return here when you are ready.


- Packet Tracer is a network simulation platform, which let's you experiment with network behavior and ask what if questions in a replica networking environment. You can create a network with a large number of devices, practice as much as you like, and troubleshoot issues in a safe environment. The first thing you need to do to download Packet Tracer is create your Cisco Networking Academy registration. Type in the Network Academy address to launch the site. Then, select the enroll to download Packet Tracer button to open the enrollment page. Roll your cursor over the sign up today button and select your language from the drop down options. This takes you to the Self-Enroll page for the latest version of Introduction to Packet Tracer course. Complete the enrollment details and select the submit button. You'll receive an activation e-mail, this has your NetAcad ID number on it, so make sure you keep it. Selecting the activate account button, takes you to the create account page where you complete your Networking Academy account profile and set your password so you can log in again. Once you've completed your details, select the register button. Now, you can log into the Packet Tracer course. You'll either see launch course pop-up or you can use the log-in button at the top of the Introduction to Packet Tracer course launch page. If you've not already done so, you might be asked to complete your user profile. Fill in the details on the screen and select the create account button. Select the launch course button, the Introduction to Packer Tracer course in the I'm Learning page. You can see this button when you roll your cursor over the launch box. Select the Launch Course button. Selecting any image on this page takes you to the Introduction to Packer Tracer course menu. Here, you can access the chapters of the course or navigate to specific pages using the menu items or buttons at the bottom of the page. The course will take you around 10 hours to complete. Before you start the course, you'll need to download the Packet Tracer software. Select the return to class button at the bottom of the course menu screen. Then, select the My NetAcad button to return to the I'm Learning page. Select the resources button from the top tool bar. Then, select Download Packet Tracer from the drop down list. Then, select the relevant link for the version you need. This will start the normal download process on your device. Once the download is completed, double click on the folder and follow the instructions to install Packet Tracer. When this is finished, you can launch Packet Tracer from the location on your device or through the desktop icon if you've selected this option. You'll need to sign-in again to launch the software. Then, you'll see the Packet Tracer simulation window and you're ready to go.

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