Introduction to AI Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps

Introduction to AI Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps aims to give an overview of how AI technology is being incorporated into Microsoft’s Power Apps development and into apps themselves. After a brief historical overview, we start by looking at how AI Copilot augments and extends Power App Studio’s low-code/no-code development capabilities by creating an app from a single text prompt. We then see how AI can analyze imported Excel data to create an app to maintain that data. Finally, we use Copilot to add AI functionality to a Power App.

Learning Objectives

  • Create a Power App from scratch using Copilot
  • Create a Power App from existing data
  • Incorporate AI functionality into a Power App with Copilot

Intended Audience

  • Anyone wanting to see how AI Copilot technology is incorporated into Microsoft’s flagship low-code app development product – Power Apps 


  • This lesson doesn’t assume any previous knowledge of Copilot and minimal Power Apps experience


Hi, and welcome to this Introduction to AI Copilot in Microsoft Power Apps lesson. My name is Hallam Webber, and I'm an Azure instructor with 25-plus years of experience in the IT industry, and since 2014 I've focused on Microsoft Azure and related technologies.

This lesson is intended for students who want to learn how to create Power Apps using Copilot’s AI technology. Microsoft Power Apps are created using the no-code, low-code paradigm, so the entry bar for app development is already set low before adding Copilot assistance into the mix.

We start by building a Power App from scratch using just Copilot text prompts. We then build an app using existing data as the starting as a starting point. Finally, we see how to incorporate AI technology into a Power App using Copilot.

As I indicated, you don’t need any prior Power Apps development experience to take this lesson, as the demos are a step-by-step guide to app creation. 

When I created this lesson, all information was current. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, or if you notice anything that needs to be updated or corrected, please reach out to us at

About the Author
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Hallam is a software architect with over 20 years experience across a wide range of industries. He began his software career as a  Delphi/Interbase disciple but changed his allegiance to Microsoft with its deep and broad ecosystem. While Hallam has designed and crafted custom software utilizing web, mobile and desktop technologies, good quality reliable data is the key to a successful solution. The challenge of quickly turning data into useful information for digestion by humans and machines has led Hallam to specialize in database design and process automation. Showing customers how leverage new technology to change and improve their business processes is one of the key drivers keeping Hallam coming back to the keyboard.